She’s Got Freedom in Her Hips (And the Hips Don’t Lie)

I could watch her all day.

My daughter already has a fairly vibrant personality, with her eyebrow raises and dimpled cheek, but ever since she’s learned to walk, she’s been able to express herself in an entirely new way – jumping up and down, twirling in circles, downward-dog, walking, pointing, running, tumbling, climbing back up and playing it all on repeat. Again, and again, and again…

But my favourite? It’s still the hula dance.

That 11 month old can move her hips like the world is a giant luau. With nothing but a diaper for a dress and a pet food commercial for a beat, she sways her body back and forth in the only way she knows how – with a slap on her belly and just a bit of bounce.

Maybe even with her own little jabbering song.

But she’s free, she’s passionate, and she’s got her arms outstretched both for balance and pizzaz.

She doesn’t care that there’s still a smear of prune puree across her cheek, or a slice of peach in her hair.

She doesn’t notice that everyone’s watching her, or that her mama can’t stop giggling behind the ottoman.

She doesn’t realize that she’s completely off beat, and that her rhythm could use a bit of work .

She’s doing it because she hears the music, and she absolutely loves it. So she just does it.

And Baby, the hips don’t lie.

…But I’m envious. I wish that I had the freedom to Be Me the way that she does right now; baring it all, dancing for joy, and loving every minute of it.

So as I’m watching her, swaying from side to side, I make myself a promise – that all the vulnerability, uncertainty, and fear that I’ve been building up over the last year, is finally going to take a step back. It’s going to stop dictating how I feel, and who I talk to, and how I make my day-to-day decisions.

I’m going to remind myself each and every day, that as much as I love this quirky, adorable, crazy little girl in front of me… my Father loves even more. And I have no reason to be afraid of letting go, being me, and living life in the way that reflects every passion and belief that He has given me…

With nothing but my honesty and a craving to share more in this life,  I’m going to dance the hula swing the only way that I know how – with an offbeat rhythm and just a bit of bounce.

Feel Free to join me.


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2 thoughts on “She’s Got Freedom in Her Hips (And the Hips Don’t Lie)

  1. Aww! Reminds me of my girlie! She’s the same, full of life and laughter and not a care in the world! I often long to be that carefree! love this! <3

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