One week you find yourself looking back at the pain in the past… and the next, you’re fearing for the future. They said, Get your head out of the clouds. You can’t keep on dreaming your whole life. Be logical. Be reasonable. Go to school. Make money. Buy a house. Become a useful citizen that will give back to the community. This…

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Happy Birthday

On April 4th of this year, my brother turns 30. Or at least, he would have. It was cancer. I was three. He was nearly seven. My parents had to learn how to move on with their life. My brothers had to grow up with hard questions. And I had to learn why exactly things were now different.

Headline: Easter News is Old News

We’ve heard this story before. After all, it comes every year; a seasonal celebration. Many of us have heard it over and over again, until we learn how to recite it like the sing-song Alphabet of childhood. And it’s beautiful. Annual. Familiar.We know it well… Too well? Not that most of us would admit. But it’s hard, isn’t it? We all want something…

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The (Un)Trivial Pursuit

I hope I never stop pursuing Secret Projects. You know the ones… When you’re six years old, collecting buttercups and dandelions outside to bring to your mom, and you’re so excited to show her how much you love her that you burst into the house with the mud still on your shoes.

A Season of Silence

Amidst the gratitude of Thanksgiving, the carolling of Christmas, and the first real taste of everyday freedoms, I inconveniently find myself in a rather poetic, albeit incessant, season of silence. Here I am with a world of opportunity before me: volleyball season is over, the calves are weaned, and the evenings are free of homework. I could not have asked for a more promising recipe for writing success.

Are You Learning Like a Third Grader?

It’s an old idea, but it’s a good one: some of the best lessons adults learn come from an elementary classroom. For example: Tying shoes is hard. Untangling knots is harder. Everything is better with recess. And colour. It’s okay to hug someone. Especially if they’re unhappy. Success is better measured by clipped corners and smiley face stickers.


Maybe you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be eight years old. When you’re eight years old, school is about fun. It’s an adventure of new clothes and backpacks, classroom goldfish and dinosaur posters. Your teacher smiles a lot, and her skirt swishes when she walks between the groups of desks, lightly tapping on your shoulder. Recess is about fifteen minutes…

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Becoming Anna*

When I met Anna, she was inside of herself. This isn’t uncommon with teenagers. The high school years seem to be ripe with a lack of self-confidence and misunderstood emotions, and this was no exception. But with Anna, she was ready to put all of that behind her, and thankfully, I was given the gift of witnessing her to take…

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Subject Title

One of my favourite poems growing up was Robert Frost’s, “The Road not Taken”. I was constantly enamored with this idea that life was an adventure, full of unknown twists and turns, with who-knows-what kind of exciting thing just waiting up ahead, around the bend. But I couldn’t expect to have those adventures if I took the same path that…

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