Those September Nights (A Dog, A Skunk, and a Kiss)

It’s only 9:45 pm, but we’re already crawling into bed – the “well-adjusted” couple, still in the early throes of parenthood. This isn’t the exception, this is the rule, and by the time Netflix passes the fourth episode of Brooklyn 99, I’ll be curled up in a ball fast asleep with my head on my husband’s chest. The rest is…

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To All The People I Never Forgot

In Care Of: Northern Alberta. Southern Alberta. The Philippines. California. British Columbia. Michigan. Africa. Florida. Saskatchewan. Australia. Illinois. Southwestern Ontario. A lot of Southwestern Ontario… For some of you, it’s been awhile.

And Just Like That… It’s Been 10 Years

It wasn’t everything I owned, but it was everything I thought I needed, packed into two suitcases. One neon green, the other fuchsia pink, I kept them as close as possible in my own little corner of the airport arrivals, fiddling with the unfamiliar Albertan address. Somehow I’d gotten the dates mixed up, and had arrived a day early, but…

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When a Teacher Doesn’t Go Back to School

It’s the morning following Labour Day weekend, and I’ve spent the last 20 minutes perusing Facebook, adoringly spammed with back to school photos of littles and their backpacks, and colleagues and their bulletin boards. I’m trying to sort out my feelings about all of this. For the first time in TWENTY-THREE years, I didn’t buy ANY back to school notebooks.…

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