Let’s Move Mountains

“If you have faith, you can move mountains.”

But when mountains move, it’s not magic.

No abracadabra, snap once, POOF. Applause.

…There’s  crumbling, cracking, grumbling, moaning.

There are fault lines and avalanches, earthquakes and falling rocks.

It’s long. Sometimes Painful. Yet miraculous. A New Birth.

Piece by Piece, building momentum –

between moments of stillness.

And silence.


In the midst, there are Questions. There are Fears. There are Tears and Moments of Panic:

How could this happen? What must I do? Where do I go? Why am I here? How do I do this?

Your faith must bend.



Twisting and turning on the journey of a Broken Life,

To come out Strong, Three-stranded, and knotted in Security.

To hold on –

Climbing the Mountain as she moves.

Slowly, dragging the inches from here… to there…

And then one day… “It is finished.” 


Forever in Awe,

At what He’s done.

And how He used YOU to accomplish

The Indescribable…

The Unbelievable…

And move a mountain.

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