Play Ground Wars: A New Season

In a school yard not so far, far away…

Play Ground Wars

Episode IV

A New Season

It is a period of civil war. The spring season, striking from a rural playground, has won its first victory against the evil Never Ending Winter.

During the battle, young school children managed to steal the joy of recess with the ultimate weapons: Skipping ropes, baseballs, and sidewalk chalk – the classic playthings with enough power to change the face of a school.

Pursued by the Winter’s sinister weather of wind and sleet, the students skip around the yard, custodians of the stolen joy that can save their recess and restore freedom of spring to the playground….

I sense something. A presence I’ve not felt since… last year.

It is here. The coats are lying scattered on the grass, doodles decorate the sidewalks, and the days of Double Dutch and Catch have begun. Every minute outside is an adventure of Fresh Air and Laughter, spilling inside as 8 year olds tromp back into the classroom with muddy socks and grass in their hair.

There’s something alive out there (and it’s not my imagination).

But I love it.

I’m captured by it.

I’m so blessed to be in the midst of it.

“Mrs. Hauch, will you skip with me?” Her face is flushed from the adrenaline and the wind, the rope dragging behind her. I nod, and she hands me one of the ends.

A new season is here.

So may the Force of Spring be with you.

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